04 February 2011

Cabin Fever

Wow! Monday night and Tuesday we had a record snowfall here. Fourteen to eighteen inches. More where it's drifted. Now, I realize that's small potatoes for some places. Around here though it's a blizzard. Normally when we get snow it isn't anything that keeps most of us from going to work. At least not if you haven't forgotten how to drive in the snow since the last storm. This time even the city offices have been closed. All week. We tend to get four or five days worth of groceries in "just in case". Well, this time it went beyond our preparations. Yesterday I surveyed the state of the dog food and groceries. The Mr and I could have survived on fried potatoes for a couple of days, but the pups would definitely not be happy. I hadn't shoveled so much as a spade of snow up to that point. So out the door I went in 2 coats, a hat, gloves, sunglasses, boots and my most worn out holey sweatpants. It took about an hour and a half, but I had the drive gate open and enough cleared behind the truck so I could power out. Heaven forbid something turn the corner about the time I cleared the fence line. Stopping was not going to be an option. As it turned out I shouldn't have bothered. One of the nephews came and got me about noon today. Groceries are once again stocked and the pups had no reason for complaint. Inactivity doesn't sit well with me. After three days of cleaning and working puzzles, I found myself watching infomercials yesterday. Oh, to what depths we sink. We live very near work but up till today I've never managed to pick up a signal from the router. After I got back from the store, put away groceries and fed the dogs. I walked to the office and adjusted the router to yet another, higher position. Success!! Now if we don't open again till Monday, the Mr can peruse Craigslist ads for things we don't need and he doesn't really want. And I can play farkle and keep up with all the goings on with facebook. Stay safe, stay warm and live to tell your grandchildren about Snowmageddon: The Tulsa Edition my friends.