16 April 2011

I Fail at Blogging

Well sort of. I think about it. I frequently write whole posts in my head. I sometimes even manage to log into blogspot. It's the actual publishing of the post that stops me dead in my tracks. Maybe it's because I know very few people read it. Really though, it's probably because I'm afraid someone will read it.

Most of what I write is extremely personal and emotion driven. There is a part of me that needs to get it out. To find that cathartic place occupied by the written emotion, shared openly and freely. Once that enchanted land is found, it can be a wonderful place. Like taking a deep cleansing breath after swimming underwater. Getting there, however is really scary.

Will they like what I wrote? Maybe not, but not everything I write will necessarily be about pleasing someone. In fact most of it won't. It will be about the need for self expression.

Will they think I'm stupid? Maybe. Everyone has said (or written) something that other find silly. Some of the things I write are intentionally humorous. You may or may not get my jokes, most of them are dry, arid in fact.

What if (horrors) someone sends a hateful comment? Will I be able to defend my position? I've decided that for most things it doesn't matter.

So what is this blog about? It's about whatever I feel a need to write about. It's about whatever is consuming my thought processes at the moment.

Read it if you want, or don't. Totally your call.

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